Based in Grodno, Belarus, BelaBios is an offshore company with years of successful experience in the software development field. Since 2006 we have been providing outmost customized services to our clients worldwide, embracing a vast range of IT services including soft and applications' development, deployment and technical support. During the process of constant growing we have expanded to having business internationally. Currently we are closely cooperating with our partner office in Switzerland, as well as with the IT team based in Brazil.

Either with small, average or large business - we put a strong emphasis on the quality of the final product. To stay competitive on the web development market we make sure to keep up with all the changes in the IT world by adjusting them in our innovative technology and management tools. Due to the refined approach, BelaBios has ensured functional productivity for every project it had embarked on. The way we operate is transparent and efficient: it starts with an agile dialog with the customer, overflows into offering agile perspective, further passes on into technology deployment and testing and eventually rounds up with consistent maintenance and support.

Company's philosophy firmly stands on the three core principles: flexibility in ideas, professionalism in implementation and reliability in operating. We believe that close adhering to this standpoint is a key to fruitful cooperation.

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