Custom software design and development

We offer excellent services in working out various software solutions for our clients by turning every idea that we put into practice into a steady project which is viable on the market. If you are seeking to get a long-term cooperation, BelaBios is ready to become your partner and add competitive value to your business thus favorably singling it out within the entire business community. The most important assets on this first and major stage of collaboration are responsiveness to your requirements, readiness to undertake even most challenging projects and creative design. We'll listen to your most bold ideas, suggest ours and find the best option. Considering the speed of growing competition we realize that time-saving mechanisms are highly valued. Therefore, we are going to build your digital business on the basis of the workflow schemes we already have in store.

  • Your business time is precious.

Software testing

We want to deliver only high-quality services, that is why double checking is always performed for every tool/application/program we create ourselves. We are sure about our own projects. But if you already work with a certain technology and are not fully satisfied with its quality, we can offer you a complete quality assurance program. Your product will be subject to a scrupulous and thorough testing to reveal and eliminate any bugs and malfunctions through using the following technologies:

  • Automatic testing
  • Integration testing
  • Smoke testing
  • Functional testing
  • User Interface testing
  • Performance testing
  • Configuration testing
  • Regression testing
  • Load testing
  • Stress testing
  • Security and Access Control testing
  • Conversion testing
  • Beta testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Documentation verification
  • Perfect accuracy is our advantage.

Software maintenance and support

After the final launching of the developed product we guarantee its continuing supervising, backing and trouble-shooting. Supreme support service has always been what singled us out at this step. We aim to give clear guidance and detailed instructional assistance regarding each spare part of the mechanism we've employed. Therefore, the idea works as appealing as it had looked at the planning stage. Apart from maintaining our own-developed technologies we as well offer any business to take on the support guidance of their existing projects. We can both help you to work effectively with our software, if you choose to order one, and to get the maximum potential out of the technological base that is already behind your business. In this vein our purpose is to let you qualitatively re-distribute your company's priorities and workload: your staff will get better focused on the key far-sighted goals, while we will take up all the routine flow of handling customers' matters.

  • We know how to lead.

Dedicated team

One of the biggest values of BelaBios is our people. We have gathered a highly skillful team of IT professionals with in-depth knowledge and applied competence in all major aspects of the .NET technology. They are ready to invest all their effort and knowledge into the long-term success of your business. Our competent developers, passionate web designers, details-oriented testers and considerate support specialists will deliver the first-class techniques.

Digital marketing

Apart from the technical side we are also concerned about the way your business will be spread and extended. Therefore, among our services there is as well offering marketing solutions for the digital promotion of your company. We will offer you a set of means not only for SEO but also for managing and expanding your online presence, broadening your social activity and carrying out target marketing campaigns.