MusicaNeo is a unique platform for free publishing and selling of sheet music and performing licenses. This is a music portal where contemporary composers get in direct touch with performers and offer their music to the public. In whole, this is a website hosting an international musicians' community, where music lovers are encouraged to declare their creativity. The platform is remarkable by its complex organization that comprises two main elements. First of all, this is an extensive PDF sheet music archive which is carefully grouped and categorized in a user-friendly manner. The catalogue represents all musical instruments and music genres and is equipped with a considered search mechanism. The full diversity of sheet music material is presented equally comfortably to amateurs, music teachers and music professionals. One of the noteworthy features of the site is its whole-structure multilingual nature which allows users to use the services in English, German, Russian and Portuguese languages. On the other side, MusicaNeo is a portal that allows musicians to get a free comprehensive personal site with an online store. Composers are able to upload, publish and sell their music scores with performing licenses straight to performers online. The sales' mechanism that involves performing payments and collecting the earned money lets choose the most suitable method format - credit card, PayPal or Web Money gateways. MusicaNeo also leads other related projects like Contemporary Composers Index, special sheet music collections or Printed Edition.


MusicaNeo is an extensive online music scores archive launched specially for academic institutions and other organizations internationally. It grants its subscribers - students and academic staff - a 24/7 access to more than 66 thousand classical sheet music files in PDF format. The digital collection is on average growing by one thousand pieces monthly and is a source of indispensable resources for professional music practice.


Topmodel is a website that has been developed with the aim to let girls use a chance to get through in the fashion world. It is an international project that allows any girl to get registered in the international models catalogue, upload photos and fill in the profile data. Ladies who had been dreaming about a career in modeling can with the website's help fulfill their desires and, above that, to earn money via selling their photos. For agencies and single customers there are a few various type of subscriptions offered. The site also has a flexible model search system.


Gesundeluft website was launched for online representation of the Daikin Company's products that specializes in air cleaning technologies. This web project embodies a complex system for organization and management of air purifiers' distribution. The site includes the online store itself, as well as an automatized system for delivery service and a specially planned resellers' scheme. All these opportunities are provided with proper online maintenance and management. The financial side is also technologically tracked though handling all the necessary bookkeeping applications and documentation.

Elite Models Brasil

This site is the source of information and media resources from the life of one of the world's leading model agencies "Elite Model Management", its Brazilian office founded in 2010. Here visitors are welcome to get acquainted with the new Brazilian faces and talents that are representing the agency on the international fashion arena. The website itself has been developed using the Microsoft Silverlight technology.

HumanBios Group

HumanBios Group has collected all its member sites in one corporate website. It presents a clear understanding of what are the areas of competence of the company. On the website clients can get the useful data about each company that constitutes the HumanBios Group. The project is notable for its stylish and dignified web design.

Among other projects we carried out are: